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Expert Witness

Dr. Seifert is a forensic psychologist with over 30 years of research and clinical experience in the areas of violence and sexual offending. She is listed as an expert witness for the military and is available to evaluate offenders, assess their risk to the community, recommend treatment options, and testify on her findings and research in court.

  • Stress Management/Team Conflict — Social workers, healthcare professionals, and emergency professionals experience a tremendous amount of constant stress and trauma on the job, leading to burnout, drug abuse, and physical breakdown. Help take the weight of the world off their shoulders! An expert on treating trauma through stress management techniques, Dr. Seifert is available to offer monthly stress management workshops for your agency or organization. She's also available to mediate and resolve conflicts between agencies and teams.
  • Violence Prevention/Risk Assessment — Screen out problem employees before you have a lawsuit on your hands. Dr. Seifert can consult with you to develop screening tools for assessing the risk of violence and sexual offending in the workplace. This is especially critical for organizations working closely with youth, women, and the survivors of past trauma. Dr. Seifert can devise a program to help you deal with severely problematic employees suffering from depression, addiction, and post-traumatic stress.
  • Supporting Grants Through Research — No one is giving away money these days without seeing some results. Everybody is looking for evidence-based practice. A published forensic psychologist and researcher, Dr. Seifert has expertise proving whether your grant-funded programs are making a difference. This will help you secure additional funding, continue programs, and initiative new programs based on solid research.

OUTPATIENT CLINICAL TREATMENT — Through her company Eastern Shore Psychological Services (ESPS), Dr. Seifert provides a full-range of services for the needs of at-risk children and their families. Click here to visit their site





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