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Violence Risk Assessments

After 30 years of studying the causes of sexual abuse, drug addiction, murder, gangs, domestic abuse, and rape, forensic psychologist Dr. Kathy Seifert has identified the psychological and family risk factors that cause people to become violent. She has used this research to create the following violence screening and treatment tools, which can be used by educators and mental health and criminal justice professionals to create custom case management and intervention plans.
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CARE-2 (Child & Adolescent Risk Evaluation) ASSESSMENT
RME (Risk Management Evaluation) ASESSMENTS FOR ADULTS


    The CARE-2 (Child & Adolescent Risk Evaluation) Assessment
    Whether you're an educator, social worker, mental health professional, juvenile officer, or a concerned parent, you have the power to provide at-risk children and teenagers with the nurturing and support that will give them a second chance at life.
  • You start by identifying the warning signs of violence using the most accurate violence prediction tool in the country.
  • You continue by creating an intervention plan to provide the care and support that counteract risk factors and trauma.
  • You guarantee success by executing the intervention plan and by following up.

    CARE-2 Manual Only one assessment gives you all three!
    Based on thirty years of forensic psychological research and a sample of over 1,000 at-risk youth collected from the East Coast and Mid-West, Dr. Kathy has authored the CARE-2 (Child & Adolescent Risk Evaluation) screening tool—one of the world's most accurate predictors of future violence in children. It is also the only assessment of its kind to provide custom case management and intervention tools, saving you the time and guesswork of having to create your own plan from scratch!
    How CARE-2 works
    CARE-2 is a 57-item Assessment Form that measures risk factors associated with youth violence as well as protective factors. Areas covered include: youth characteristics, peer relationships, school and education issues, family dynamics, and protective factors. Clinicians can complete the assessment and score the form in 15 to 30 minutes. The scored assessment form is then used to complete the Case Management Planning Form. This form helps clinicians gauge the intensity of potential behavior problems and identify the appropriate level and types of interventions needed. CARE-2 is the only risk assessment tool to provide this added feature.
    CARE-2 Screens for the following risk factors:
  • History of violence—setting fires and hurting people
  • Chronic bed wetting
  • Poor anger management
  • Impulsivity/ADHD
  • History of bullying
  • Psychological problems
  • Learning problems
  • Substance abuse
  • School failure
  • Bad group of friends
  • Low IQ
  • Family violence
  • Harming animals
  • History of sex abuse

    CARE-2 identifies the following protective factors that counteract abuse:
  • High IQ
  • Success at school
  • Positive peer group
  • Excellent social skills
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Support at home and school
  • Parents who set firm boundaries

    *** Children with more than 5 risk factors and less than six protective factors have an 80% chance of committing future crimes.
    CARE-2 Manual (PDF download) and
    one assessment (Paper)

    Acanthus Publishing, 2007
    ISBN: 978-1-933631-95-0
    CARE-2 Assessment
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    1-5 $2.99/each
    6-24 $2.20/each
    25-49 $1.79/each
    50-99 $1.59/each
    >100 $1.49/each
    Acanthus Publishing, 2007
    ISBN: 978-1-933631-96-7

    RME (Risk Management Evaluation) ASESSMENTS FOR ADULTS
    Prevent a violent crime before it happens!
    If you could prevent another rape, murder, school shooting, or an act of child sex abuse, the question wouldn't be would you do it, but how.
    Kathy offers several RME (Risk Management Evaluation) screening tools that predict which adults are most likely to commit a future act of violence and what clinical and professional steps can be taken to counteract this violent tendency. Every one of these assessments is unique by offering you case management and intervention plans that save you the time and guesswork of having to create your own plans from scratch.
    Unlike other screening tools for assessing violence risk, Dr. Kathy's RME screening tools are the only ones to acknowledge the research proving that the factors that lead to violence are different for men and women. Therefore, she offers male and female versions for each category.
    RME For Chronic Violence
  • Male Version
  • Female Version - Assessment Tool and Case Management Tool

  • RME For Sexual Offending
  • Male Version
  • Female Version

CARE-2 Assessment Online




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